Synonyms are the words having similar meaning.


Given below is the list of the some useful and commonly used synonyms - 

Abyss - chasm, fissure
Anhydrous - arid, evaporated
About - approximately, nearly, close to, almost, approaching
Afire - aflame, burning
Also - moreover, besides, as well as, in addition to, too
Ashore - deserted, abandoned
Amazing - astonishing, startling, stunning, dazzling, remarkable
Aside - apart, disression
Awesome - impressive, fabulous, astonishing, outstanding
Aversion - antipathy, abhorrence, hatred
Awful - dreadful, alarming, frightful, terrible, horrid, shocking
Accelerate - advance, drive, dust, expedite, fire up, forward, further
Acrobat - aerialist, artist, athlete, balancer, clown, contortionist
Aerate - aerify, charge, freshen, inflate, oxygenate, ventilate
Ambiguous - disingenuous, double-dealing
Amble - ankle, boogie, dawdle, drift, gander, hoof it, loiter
Anatomy - diagnosis, dissection, division, embryology
Androgynous - bisexual, cross-sexual, epicene, hermaphrodite, trans-sexual
Anthology - compendium, collection
Antiseptic - medication, medicament, healing, soothing, relieving
Arborous - arboreal, arborical
Archaic - primitive - antiquated, antediluvian
Astronaut - cosmonaut, spaceman
Automatic - reflexive, robotic, machine like
Bellicose - belligerent, aggressive, pugnacious, contentious, combative
Bad - offensive, repulsive, corrupt, wicked, defective
Benefactor - charitable, humanitarian
Beautiful - attractive, appealing, alluring, gorgeous, handsome
Biannual - bi-yearly, half-yearly, semi-annual
Biography - life history, life story
Begin - commence, initiate, introduce, launch, originate
Big - huge, immense, massive, enormous
Boring - tedious, tiresome, commonplace, monotonous
But - yet, still, nevertheless, though, however, moreover
Captivating - enchanting, enthralling, beguiling, bewitching, fascinating, entrancing
Change - alter, transform, vary, diversify
Cataclysm - catastrphe, disaster, tragedy, calamity
Choose - select, elect, nominate, identify, prefer
Caustic - acerbic, bitter, erosive, mordent, virulent, vitriolic
Cool - rad, killer, wonderful, marvelous, fantastic, awesome
Chronic - continuing, inveterate
Connclusion - termination, ending, finale, determination, ratiocination
Definitely - unquestionably, precisely, positively, clearly
Declare - hold, announce, pronounce, adjudge
Decade - decennary, decennium
Decelerate - retard, slow down
Dilemma - ambiguity, ambivalence, dubious, doubtfulness, perplexity, enigma, quandary
Dissect - analyse, break down, take part
Dominate - overlook, eclipse, predominate, prevail, reign, rule
Duplicate - parallel, replicate, reduplicate, twin, double
Dislocate - disarticulate, disengage, disconnect, disorder, disjoint 
Durable - long-lasting, undestroyable, indestructible
Easy - effortless, natural, comfortable, relaxed
Eloquent - orator, smooth-spoken, silver-tonged, fluent, facile
Excellent - superior, unsurpassed, superb, magnificent
Envision - visualise, foresee, project, figure
Elaborate - clarify, comment, deck, develop, decorate, complicate
Exciting - thrilling, stirring, rousing, chilling
Equanimity - calmness, composure, unflappability
Ethnic - heathen, pagan, cultural
Eloquent - orator, soft spoken
Excavate - dig, hollow, turn up, unearth
Fast - swift, quick, fleet, hasty, instant
Finish - complete, conclude, achieve, deplete, consume
Fun - pleasant, pleasurable, amusing, entertaining, jolly
Funny - comical, amusing, entertaining, bizarre, laughable
Get - obtain, receive, acquire, achieve
Give - donate, supply, deliver, distribute
Good - satisfactory, fine, competent
Got - received, obtained, attained, succeded in
Great - tremendous, remarkable, superior, expert, wonderful
Guy - man, dude, person, fellow, boy
Happy - pleased, joyous, elated, jubilant, cheerful, delighted
Hetrodox - non conformist, iconoclast, unconventional, unorthodox
Hyperactive - restless, unstopping
Hard - complex, complicated, difficult, rigorous, harsh
Homogeneous - same, similar
Help - assist, aid, support, serve, sustain
Hurt - injure, impair, harm, damage, wound
Important - significant, substantial, meaningful, critical, vital
Iconoclast - hetrodox, stigma breaker, icon, unconventional, unorthodox
Imaginative - hypothetical, false, untrue, creative, innovative
Irredeemable - futile, pessimistic, dejected
Illuminate - brighten, flash, fire, highlight, floodlight, hit with a light, ignite, illume 
Interesting - absorbing, fascinating, thought-provoking, appealing, entertaining
Interject - force in, import, implant, include, infuse, infiltrate
Judicial - constitutional, disinguished, discrimination, equitable
Juvenile - babyish, blooming, boyish, beardless, callow, childlike, budding
Kinetic - motion, energy, activeness, euthusiasm, alertness
Liberate - to set free, deliver, detach, discharge, disembarrass, free, emancipate
Linguist - grammarian, lexicographer, philologist, linguistician, interpreter
Matriarch - dame, dowager, dignified woman, grande dame, mother, matron, queen
Malicious - ill intentioned, malefactor, malefic, malevolent
Mandate - rule, order, edict, commandment
Medieval - antediluvian, antiquated, archaic, antique, old, old-fashioned, feudal, primitive
Metamorphosis - change, evolution, changeover, rebirth, mutation, transfigurement, transfiguration,
Narrate - describe, characterize, detail, delineate, descant, chronile, disclose
Natal - innate, inherent
Navigate - cruise, cross, direct, handle, drive, head out for, journey, helm
Nominate - assign, call, cognominate, choose, commission, denominate, decide, draft, elevate, elect, empower
Necrology - death, eulogy, notice, orbit, register, mortuary tribute, necrology
Notarize - authenticate, document, register, endorse
Novelty - newness, freshness, innovation, creativity
Obscure - abstruse, enigmatic, difficult, incomprehensible
Opposition - antinomy, aversion, brush, antithesis, civil disobedience, combat, clash, competition
Outgoing - extrovent, social, gregarious, sociable
Omnipotent - almighty, divine, mighty, godlike, unrestricted, supreme, unlimited
Panacea - cure all, remedy for all
Parasite - sycophant, bootlicker, deadbeat, flunky, dependent, groupie, freeloader
Patriarch - creator, chief, elder, father, gaffer, founfer, grandfather, generator
Peripheral - exterior, external, inessential, incidental, minor, outer, irrelevent
Purge - abolition, abstersion, catharsis, clarification, cleaning, cleanup, coup, crushing, disposal, disposition
Rebound - backfire, boomerang, convalesce, get back on one's feet, get better, get in shape, get well, heal, kick
back, make a comeback, mend, overcome, pick up, pull through, rally
Radical - anarchistic, complete, entire, excessive, extremist, fantical, far-out, freethinking, iconoclastic, immoderate, insubordinate, insurgent, insurrectionary, intransigent
Ramification - bifurcation, branch, branching, breaking, complication, consequence, divarication, division, excrescence, extension, forking, offshoot, outgrowth, partition, radiation, result
Rupture - burst, cleavage, cleft, crack, division, fissure, fracture, hernia, herniation, parting
Sane - common sensical, cool, down to earth, hard headed, judicious, level headed, matter of fact, practical, rational, realistic
Sonorous - pompous, bombastic, grandiloquent, magniloquent
Somnolent - dizzy, lazy, sleepy, lethargic, lackadaisical, dormant
Stagnant - motionless, filthy, immobile, constant, stationary
Summit - peak, topmost point, zenith, peak, acme, apex
Synchronize - attune, agree, collaborate
Tactile - palpable, sensible, solid, concrete
Tangible - real, corporeal, actual
Taxonomy - anatomy, dendrology, ecology, floristic
Unfriendly - malign, malefic, malicious
Unnison - consensus, unanimity
Veracious - undeceitful, right, upright
Verify - comfirm, recheck
Verbalize - vocalize, to speak up
Vivacious - exuberant, energetic, zealous, zestful, ebullient, passionate, enthusiastic, vibrant
Xerography - photography, picture taking
Zoology - fauna