Profit & Loss

Profit & Loss 

Profit=Selling Price - Cost Price
Profit %=
Loss=Cost Price - Selling Price
Loss %=
If there is a profit of x% on selling the article, then 
a) Cost Price of the Article=
b) Selling Price of the Article=
If there is a loss of x%, then
a) Cost Price of the Article=
b)  Selling Price of the Article=
If two articles are sold in Rs S. There is a loss of r% on first and profit of R% on second, then
a) Cost Price of First Article
b) Cost Price of Second Article
A man losses x% when he sells for Rs x. If he wants to make a profit of y%, then
Selling Price=
A man buys x articles for Rs y and sells w articles for Rs z, then
a) Net Profit=
b) Profit%=
A sells an article to B at a profit of r1%. B sells it to C at a profit of r2%, C uses it for two years, then sells it to D at a loss of r3%, then
Selling Price=
If the Cost Price of x Articles equals the Selling Price of w articles, then 
Percentage Profit=
A person gains x% when he sells an article for Rs z. The Profit % if he sold it for Rs w
A man buys certain quantity of an article for Rs Z, He sells mth part of the stock at a loss of x%. The gain% at which he sells the remaining stock so as to make an overall profit of y% on the total transaction=
A reduction of x% in the price of an article enables a person to buy y Kg more for Rs z. Then
a) Reduced Price=
b) Original Price=
A hike of x% in the price of an article forces a person to buys y Kg less for Rs z. Then
a) New Price=
b) Original Price=
A man sells an article at a profit of x%. If he increased its price by Rs y, he earns a profit of z%, then
a) CP
b) Initial SP
A man sells two articles at the same price Rs P and make a profit of x% on the first while a loss of y% on the second, Then
a) Overall Gain%=
b) If x=y, then Overall Gain%=

Questions Asked from this Chapter:


Question Type 1: Based on Basic Formule of CP, SP, Profit & Loss


A man bought an old typewriter for Rs 1200 and spent Rs 200 on its repair. He sold it for Rs 1680. His profit percent is:
a) 20%
b) 10%
c) 8%
d) 16%

Question Type 2: CP of "X" article is equal to SP of "Y" articles


If the cost price of 50 oranges is equal to the selling price of 40 oranges, the profit percent is:
a) 5
b) 10
c) 20
d) 25

Question Type 3: "X" articles are bought/sold at Rs "Y" and then sold/bought at Rs "Z".

Bananas are bought at the rate of 6 for Rs 5 and sold at the rate of 5 for Rs 6. Profit percent is:
a) 36%
b) 42%
c) 44%
d) 48%

Question Type 4: Based on Ratio of CP and SP

The ratio of the cost price and selling price of an article is 20:21. What is the profit percent on it?
a) 5
b) 5.5
c) 6
d) 6.25

Question Type 5: Based on Mixture


A milkman makes 20% profit by selling milk mixed with water for Rs 630 at Rs 9 per litre. If the cost price of 1 litre pure milk is Rs 10, then the ratio of milk and water in the said mixture is: 
a) 3:1
b) 4:1
c) 3:2
d) 4:3

Question Type 6: Based on x+y+xy/100 formula


A dealer sold two types of goods for Rs 10,000 each. On one of them is lost 20% and on the other he gained 20%. His gain or loss percent in the entire transaction was:
a) 2% loss
b) 2% gain
c) 4% gain
d) 4% loss

Question Type 7: On selling an Article for Rs "X", a shopkeeper loses M%. At what Rate he should sell to gain N%


On Selling an article for Rs 105 a trader loses 9%. To gain 30% he should sell the article at:
a) Rs 126
b) Rs 144
c) Rs 150
d) Rs 139

Question Type 8: The Price of an Article is increased/decreased by x%. By what % a family should decrease/increase its consumption so that expenditure remains same.


A reduction of 20% in price of sugar enables me to purchase 5 Kg more for Rs 600. Find the price of sugar per Kg before reduction of Price.
a) Rs 24
b) Rs 30 
c) Rs 32
d) Rs 36

Question Type 9: Shopkeeper sells "X" articles at CP of "Y" articles. Find his gain/loss


A person sells 400 mangoes at the cost price of 320 mangoes. His percentage of loss is:
a) 10
b) 15
c) 20
d) 25

Question Type 10: Based on Market Price


A tradesman allow a dicount of 15% on the marked price. How much above the cost price must he mark his goods as to gain 19%?
a) 34%
b) 40%
c) 25%
d) 30%

Question Type 11: Based on Average


When the price of the cloth was reduced by 25%, the quantity of cloth sold increased by 20%. What was the effect on grosss receipt of the shop? 
a) 5% increase
b) 5% decrease
c) 10% increase
d) 10% decrease

Question Type 12: Loss/Gain Percentage is equal to the CP/SP


By selling an article for Rs 144, a person gained such that the percentage gain equals the cost price of the artcile. The cost price of the article is:
a) Rs 90
b) Rs 80
c) Rs 75
d) Rs 60

Question Type 13: Based on Fraction


Richa purchased an article at 4/5 of its list price and sold it at 20% more than the list price. Richa's profit percentage was:
a) 50
b) 40
c) 30
d) 25

Question Type 14: A Shopkeeper sold an article at a Loss of X%. If he had sold it for Rs "Y" more . Then he would have gained/loss M%. The CP of article is?


A cooker is sold at a gain of 16%. If it has been sold for Rs 20 more, 20% would have been gained. The cost price of cooker is:
a) Rs 350
b) Rs 400
c) Rs 500
d) Rs 600

Question Type 15: "A" sold an article to "B" and "B" sold it to "C" and "C" sold it to "D"


A sells a cycle to B at a profit of 5% and B sells it to C at a profit of 10%. If C pays Rs 2310 for it. the cost price of A is:
a) Rs 2000
b) Rs 2100
c) Rs 1900
d) Rs 2010

Question Type 16: Shopkeeper bought two articles A & B for "Rs X". He sold A at m% profit/loss and B at n% loss/profit.


A trader sells two article at Rs 6000 each. He makes a profit of 20% in the sale of first article and a loss of 20% in the sale of the second article. What is the net gain or loss percent?
a) 5% gain
b) 4% gain
c) 5% loss
d) 4% loss

Question Type 17: Reduction/Increment of X% in price of an article enable a person to buy Y% more/less than Rs Z. Find the reduced/increased Price of Article?


If the price of eraser is reduced by 25% a person can buy 2 more erasers for a rupee. How many erasers are available for a rupee?
a) 8
b) 6
c) 4
d) 2

Question Type 18: Difference between SP and CP given in question

The difference between the selling price and cost price of an article is Rs 210. If the profit percentage is 25, the selling price of the article is:

a) Rs 950
b) Rs 1050
c) Rs 1150
d) Rs 1250