One Word Substitution

Given below is the list of some commonly used One Word Substitution - 
Agenda - list of things to discussed at a meeting
Agnostic - one who doubts the existence of God
Altar - raised place on which offerings are made to God
Atheist - one who does not believe in God
Anarchist - one who believes in lawlessness
Alien - one who lives in a foreign country
Audible - which can be heard
Antiquarian - one who studies things of the past
Autobiography - a record on one's life written by oneself
Antidote - madicine to counteract poison
Aquatic - aminals that live in water
Anthropology - study of mankind
Aristrocracy - government by the nobility
Bethrothed - engaged to be married
Bibliophile - lover of books
Biography - record of one's life written by somebody else
Bouquet - bunch of flowers
Barracks - building for lodging of soldiers
Brewery - factory for manufacturing beer
Bigot - one intolerantly devoted to a particular creed
Carnivorous - one who eats flesh
Cannibal - one who eats human flesh
Cosmopolitan - one for whom the world is a home
Cobbler - one who mends shoes
Celibate - One who is unmarried
Cavalry - Soldiers on horses
Crusade - war of religion
Cassino - place with gambling tables
Calligraphy - art of beautiful handwriting
Celibate - one who is vowed to unmarried life
Draw - a game where no party wins or loses
Dowar - the house of an Arab
Edible - which can be eaten
Extempore - speech made without preparation
Encyclopaedia - book of information on all branches of knowledge
Epicure - one who is fond of sensuous pleasure
Elegy - poem of mourning
Epitaph - an inscription on a tomb
Fatal - disease that ends in death
Fratricide - murder of a brother
Flora - plants and animals of a region
Fatalist - one who believes in fate 
Fauna - animals of a region
Garrulous - person who talks too much
Glutton - person who eats too much
Geologist - one who studies the formnation of the earth
Hyperbole - an exaggerated statement
Hypocrite - one who pretends to be what he is not
Harbivorous - one who eats vegetables only
Homicide - killing of a man
Illegible - which cannot be read
Inaudible - which cannot be heard
Incombustible - which cannot be burnt
Imposter - person pretending to be somebody he is not
Inflammable - laible to catch fire eassily
Illiterate - one who cannot read or write
Igloo - house of an Eskimo
Immigrant - one who settles in another country
Immune - free from infection
Jargon - language which is confused
Jockey - a professional rider in horse race
Kleptomaniac - one who has an irresistible tendency to steal
Legible - that which can be read
Linguist - one who knows many languages
Legacy - the property left to someone by a will
Lexicographer - one who complies dictionaries
Manuscript - book or paper written by hand
Mammal - animal that suckles its young
Misanthrope - one hates mankind
Museum - a place where ancient things are kept
Maiden speech - a person's first speech
Mercenary - one who can do anything for money
Mint - place where money is coined
Matricide - killing of one's mother
Morgue - place where dead bodies are kept for identification
Misogynist - hate of women
Novice - one who is new in his profession
Narcotic - medicine that induces sleep
Neurotic - person suffering from nervous breakdown
Omnipotent - one who is all powerful
Obsolete - something no longer in use
Oculist - one who cures eye disease
Opaque - which cannot be seen through
Omnisicent - one who knows everything
Oligarchy - government by a few
Parole - promise given by a prisoner to return to jail
Platitudes - commonplace remarks
Pauper - one who has no money
Plagiarist - writer who steals idea from another
Philanthropist - one who loves mankind
Patricide - killing one's father
Parasite - one that lives on others
Panacea - cure of all disease
Posthumous - occuring after death
Padestrian - one who walks on foot
Polygamist - man who has several wives at the same time
Polyandrist - women who has more than one husband at a time
Regicide - killing one's king
Red tapism - too much official formality
Recluse - one who lives a solitary life
Resort - place for improving one's health
Souvenir - thing kept in memory of an event
Soliloquy - speech made to oneself
Swag song - person's last performance
Siesta - sleep enjoyed in the afternoon
Stoic - one who is indifferent to pain and pleasure
Suicide - killing oneself
Sculptor - one who carves in stone
Sheath - a case in which a sword is kept
Theist - one who believes in God
Teetotaller - one who does not drink liquor
Utopia - imaginary ideal
Unanimous - decision on which all agree
Uxorious - one who is extremly fond of his wife
Verstile - one who is gifted with several talents
Vintner - one who deals in wines
Volunteer - one who is gifted with several talents
Widow - woman whose husband is dead
Widower - man whose wife is dead
Wardrobe - place where clothes are kept
Zoology - the science of animal life