Idioms & Phrases

Here is a list of some important Idioms & Phrases - 


Above board - Honest & open

At arm's length - To keep at a distance

At sixes and sevens - In a disordered manner

At home - Comfortable

At sea - Confused

An acid test - A critical test

Add fuel to the fire - To aggravate the situation

A bone of contention - A source of quarrel

To burn candle at both ends - To waste lavishly

To burn one's boat - Go back on a decision

To build castles in the air - Make imaginary schemes

A burning question - An important topic

A big gun - An important person

By leaps and bounds - Rapidly

A bolt from the blue - Something unexpected

To bell the cat - To face the risk

A bosom friend - A very close friend

A brown study - Dreaming

Take one to task - Rebuke

Turn a deaf ear - Disregard

To cut a sorry figure - To make a poor show

By hook or by cook - By fair or foul means

Pay off old scores - Take revenge

Turn over a new leaf - Change for the better

Gain Ground - Become popular

In the long run - Ultimately

Make up one's mind - Decide

Through thick and thin - Under all conditions

Sitting on the fence - Hesitate between two decisions

With a high hand - Oppressively

Bring to light - Disclose

Laugh one's head off - Laugh heartily

Chew the cud - Ponder over something

Play second fiddle - Take an unimportant part

Hard and fast rules - Strict rules

Rank and file - Ordinary persons

A wee bit - A little

Under his thumb - Under his control

Out of the wood - Free from difficulties and dangers

Burn the midnight oil - Work or study hard

At one's wits end - In a state where one does not know what to do

Call a spade a spade - Speak frankly and directly

Hoping against hope - Without hope

Come off with flying colours - Be highly successful

An axe to grind - A person interest in the matter

Hit the nail on the head - Do or say the exact thing

The gift of the gab - Talent for speaking

Through out of gear - Disturb the work

Spread like wild fire - Spread quickly

Die in darkness - Die while in service

Out of the way - Strange

In the cold blood - Delibrately

Take to one's heels - Run away

Tooth and nail - With all one's power

Smell a rat - Suspect something foul

Show a clean pair of heals - Run away

A thorn in the flesh - A constant source of annoyance

Nip in the bud - Destroy in the early stage

Out of the question - Impossible

A man of straw - A man of no substance

Leave no stone unturned - Use all available means

Take a leaf out of one's book - Imitate one

Harp on the same string - Dwell on the same subject

Bury the hatchet - End the quarrel and make peace

Leave one in the lurch - Leave one in a helpless condition

To eat your words - To take back what you have said

To eat humble pie - To apologize humbly

To make both ends meet - To live within one's income

In high spirits - Very happy

Let the cat out of the bag - Reveal a secret

A hand nut to crack - A difficult problem

On tenterhooks - In a state of suspense and anxiety

To get rid of - Dispose of

To take the bull by the horns - To tackle a problem in a bold and direct fashion

Rain cats and dogs - Rain heavily

To play ducks and drakes - To act foolishly

No avail - Without any result

To move heaven and earth - To make a supreme effort

Keep one at bay - Keep one at a distance

Bark up the wrong tree - Denounce the wrong person

Cat and dog life - Life full of quarres

Cry for the moon - Ask for the impossible