Antonyms are the words which are opposite in meaning.


Given below is the list of some coomonly used Antonyms - 

Abyss - mound, incline
Anhydrous - moist, humid
Achromatic - vivid, colourful
Ashore - afloat
Afire - dull, unexciting
Aside - together
Abbreviate - expand, extend
Abduct - lose, release
Aversion - love
Accessible - inaccessible, limited, restricted
Accelerate - slow down, defer, hinder
Aerate - close up, hide
Ambid - extrous forthright, honest, thruthful
Amiable - disagreeable, gloomy
Androgynous - hetrosexual, homosexual
Annual - biennial, perennial
Archaic - new, modern
Accumulate - shattered, tatter
Announce - conceal, refrain, repress
Antipathy - love, respect
Ascend - decline, descend, go down, lower
Attract - repeal, disgust, repulse
Bellicose - amiable, affable, amicable
Benefactor - malefactor, selfish,
Benevolent - malevolent, malign, selfcentric
Bilateral - multilateral, unilateral
Benevolent - malevolent, malign, malefic, malicious
Circumscrible - broaden, widen
Clarify - obfuscate, puzzling, perplexing
Collaborate - set apart, separate
Controversy - accord, harmony, amity, togetherness
Counteract - strengthen, support
Cryptic - clear, unperplexing
Conjunction - discord, disunity, divorce
Collaborate - disagree, divorce, part
Commemorate - dishonour, forget, ignore
Cacophony - euphony, symphony
Conserve - squander, waste, spend
Circumspect - careless, disregardful
Constellation - choice, free will, violation
Construct - annihiate, destruct, destroy
Contemporary - succeeding, preceding
Denounce - approve, commend, compliment
Dispute - calm, quiet, soothe
Deride - commend, complement, flatter, praise, adulate
Desolate - used, populated, cultivated
Destruction - construct, create
Equanimity - agitation, anxiety, discomposure
Egocentric - selfless, altruist, philanthropist
Eccentric - concentric, normal, standardized
Epidemic - ecdemic, endemic
Elaborate - simplify, clarify
Expel - admit, allow, permit, take in
Expose - guard, protect, protest, shield
Expulsion - import, welcoming
Equivocate - clarify, elucidate
Heterodox - orthodox, conventional, traditional, dogmatic
Hyperactive - relaxed, restful
Inclination - disinclination, abhorrence, aversion, hatred
Iconoclast - orthodox, dogmatic, conventional, conservative
Idiosyncrasy - banal, standard, stereotypical
Illuminate - to darken, cloud
Intravenous - exterior part, outer side, extra venous
Irredeemable - hopeful, optimist
Illuminate - cloud, darken, obscure
Immerse - dry, retrieve
Immutable - changeable, alterable
Innate - acquired, extrinsic, learned
Inscribe - steal, waste
Inspire - demotivate, discourage
Invincible - beatable, vanquishable, defeatable
Judicial - baised, emotional, involved
Juvenile - adult, grown up, mature
Kinetic - stagnant, stationary
Liberate - hold back, limit, prevent, restraint
Loquacious - reticent, taciturn, terse, laconic
Malicious - benign, benefactor, selfless
Melancholy - euphoria, ecstasy, cheerful, happy, joyful
Microscopic - big, large, huge, macroscopic
Narrate - conceal, hide, suppress
Natal - alien, foreign, outside
Navigate - remain, stay
Nominate - pass over, ignore
Nondescript - describabale, distinguised
Notarize - deny, disagree, refuse 
Novice - experienced, grey haired
Novelty - banal, stereotyped, old
Opposition - compatibility, harmony, peace
Obscure - easy, simple, lucid
Omnipotent - impotent, weak
Omniscient - stupid, unknowing
Outgoing - reserved, aloof, along, loner, shy
Opponent - ally, associate, colleague, helper
Philanthropy - Selfishness, Egoist, Misanthropy
Perennial - changing, intermittent
Peripheral - central, interior, middle
Philanthropist - selfish, misanthrope
Philosophy - calculation, appropriation, truth
Physical - immaterial, abstract
Pugnacious - calm, composed, amiable, affable, friendly
Purge - hold, keep, maintain
Preserve - destroy, devastate
React - disregard, ignore
Rejuvenate - destroy, kill, ruin
Renege - approve, establish
Radical - conservative, moderate
Ramification - cause, reason
Regent - chief, manager
Retrogress - develope, improve, progress, to go up
Rupture - closing, closure
Restrospect - forget, ignore, move ahead
Reverse - forward, obverse
Sane - foolish, impractical, insane
Solitary - extrovert, sociable, social
Somnolent - vigrous, active, vibrant, exuberant, attentive, alert
Stagnant - moving, in motion, mobile
Summit - nadir, rock bottom point
Superior - inferior, low, worse
Synchronize - differ, disparity, disagree
Tactile - abstract, immaterial
Tangible - intangible, false, fictitious, fake
Temporal - spiritual, out worldly
Unabridged - abridged, shortened
Unison - dispute, controversy
Vivacious - dull, soporific, lazy, lethargic, dormant, dizzy
Voracious - satiable, gratifiable
Zygomorphic - asymmetrical