Analogy means Similarity or bearing Resemblance. 


Analogy tests are meant to test a candidate’s overall knowledge, power of reasoning and ability to think concisely and accurately.


In Questions based on this topic, you are given a pair of words or numbers having certain relationship From Alternatives provided, you have to select the choice that best matches the relationship existing between the first two words or letters.


There are three types of Analogy:

(a) Number Analogy 

Example: 6:36 :: 10:?
a) 10
b) 1000
c) 100
d) 1
Solution: Relation is N:N2 , so 6:36 similarly 10:100 so answer is c
Example: 26:5:: 65:?
(a) 9
(b) 8
(c) 7
(d) 6
Solution: Here relationship is (x2+1):x, so (52+1):5 similarly (82+1):8 so answer is b

(b) Letter Analogy 

Example: Find the Missing ACE:FHJ::OQS:?
a) PRT
b) RTU
c) TVX
d) UWY
A(1)->1+2=3=C(3) -> 3+2=5=E(5) Now E+1 :  F(6)->6+2=8=H(8) -> 8+2=10=J(10)
O(15)->15+2=17=Q(17) -> 17+2=19=S(19) Now S+1 :  T(20)->20+2=22=V(22) -> 22+2=24=X(24) so answer is C

(c) Word Analogy

Example: Sailor : Ship : : Lawyer : ?
(a) Legal
(b) Law
(c) Court
(d) Ruling
Solution: (c) ‘Sailor’ works at ‘Ship’, similarly ‘Lawyer’ works at ‘Court’