An Adverb is a word which that is used to discribe the qualities of a verb, an adjective or another adverb.
Some examples of Adverbs - 
Adverb of Time - Ago, Again, Afterwards, Before, Early, Formerly, Lately, Never, Often, Seldom, Scarcely, Slowly, Twice, Urgently, Yet, etc.
Adverb of Place - Above, Anywhere, Back, Behind, Everywhere, Faraway, In, Near, Out, Somewhere, Up, etc.
Adverb of Manner - Actively, Boldly, Bravery, Continuously, Clearly, Completely, Cruelly, Directly, Entirely, Fully, Happily, Honestly, Indeed, Luckily, Partly, Politely, Quickly, Rightly, Simply, Slowly, Strongly, Tidily, Warmly, etc.