Active & Passive Voice


Types of Voices

There are two types of Voices -
1. Active Voice
2. Passive Voice
Active Voice - 
Active voice is that sentence in which the subject is the doer.
In Active voice the verb is known as Active Verb.
Eg- I did it.
Passive Voice -
Passive Voice is that sentence in which the subject is acted upon.
In Passive voice the verb is known as Passive Verb.
Eg- It was done by me.
Active Voice to Passive Voice Conversion Rules
1. The Subject of the Active Voice becomes the Object of the Passive Voice.
2. The Object of the Active Voice becomes the Subject of the Passive Voice.
3. The tense will follow these rules - 
Active(Simple Present) -------------- Passive(Simple Present)(is/am/are + Past Participle)
Active(Simple Past) -------------- Passive(Simple Past)(was/were + Past Participle)
Active(Present Continuous) -------------- Passive(Present Continuous)(is/am/are + being + Past Participle)
Active(Past Continuous) -------------- Passive(Past Continuous)(was/were + being + Past Participle)
Active(Present Perfect) -------------- Passive(Present Perfect)(has/have being + Past Participle)
Active(Past Perfect) -------------- Passive(Past Perfect)(had being + Past Participle)
Active(Future Perfect) -------------- Passive(Future Perfect)(has/have being + Past Participle)
Active(Future with Will) -------------- Passive(Present Perfect)(will + be + Past Participle)
Active(Future with Going To) -------------- Passive(Future with Going To)(is/are going to be + Past Participle)
4. In case Modals follow these rules-
Present and Future Modals
Active - Passive(Modal + be + Past Participle)
Past Modals
Active - Passive(Modal + have been + Past Participle)